Questions Regarding Rental?

Facility Rental Questions

Facility Rental FAQ

Are alcoholic beverages allowed on the premises?

Alcoholic beverages are NOT allowed. No exceptions.

What are the rates?

Rates vary depending on the type of organization involved, the specific rooms needed, and the facility. Please see the rate sheet on the sidebar for more information.

What is the maximum capacity of the facility?

The maximum capacity for the Mosqueda Center auditorium is 234 people for dining, or 300 people for a standing event. The maximum capacity for the Dickey Youth Center conference room is 30 people.

Is Liability insurance required?

Yes, the renter must provide a $1 million liability insurance certificate naming Reading and Beyond and the City of Fresno as additional insures.

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What if I don’t have $1 million liability insurance?

You can purchase third-party special event insurance through Reading and Beyond (premium varies depending on the risk rating of event and will not be less than $80 per event).

Is security required?

No, we do not require security. If you would like security for your event, you can provide your own security service at your cost.

Do you provide tables and chairs?

Yes, tables and chairs are provided. Mosqueda Center has 40-45 tables (8 ft.) and 400-500 chairs.

Do you provide an audio/video system?

Unfortunately, we do not provide any audio/video equipment. However, you can use your own system.

Do you provide computers?

Computers are provided only when renting our computer labs. For more information go to our Computer Labs page.

Is food allowed?

Yes, food is allowed. Please clean up afterward.

Is set-up and clean-up time included in the rental?

Yes, your rental time includes set-up and clean-up, in addition to the event itself. Be sure to reserve enough time.

What is the Refund of Deposit Policy?

Up to 80% is refundable after the event. Example: You rent the Mosqueda auditorium and kitchen and pay $200 deposit. The maximum amount you may be refunded is $160.00. (This assumes that the auditorium and kitchen were left in the same exact condition as they were in prior to the rental, and that the reserved hours of use were not exceeded.)

What is the Rescheduling Policy?

We require a minimum of two weeks notice for rescheduling. Maximum refundable deposit amount remains at 80%. If less than two weeks notice is given, the maximum refundable deposit amount is 50%

What is the Cancellation Policy?

We require a minimum of two weeks notice for cancellation Maximum refundable deposit amount is 50% If less than two weeks notice is given, there will be no refund of deposit.

What form of payment do you accept?

We ONLY accept business checks, cashier's checks, and money orders, to be made payable to "Reading and Beyond."

Who should I contact to schedule an appointment to tour a facility?

For Mosqueda Center, contact Vang Kue at (559) 600-6191.